Find centre of PolyCurve


I would like to find out how to find Center Point of PolyCurve?
I found cetre Polygon but this is not the same…

Hi @Michal_Dengusiak

How about this :

Hi @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi
Thanks a lot. I have one more question and with a bit more complexity.

Lets carry on with this example above.
I have curves and I can find centre point from polygon. This works perfect.

I have now extra spheres (…number spheres is matching number of polygons) Generic Model from which I want to find closest polygon. If I would use centre points =polygon and spheres this could be not accurate how to find closest polygon to sphere based on curves?
At the end I want to have two list sorted in the way of that pair are matching…
No sure if I explained this clearly enough…

[1] [A]
[2] [B]

If I understand well, I think this will do what you want :

However, This logic depends on the order you feed the polycurves because it’s a first-in first-served logic :slight_smile: The first polycurve will get the closest sphere and then this sphere will be deleted from the list of spheres to avoid duplicates. What will probably happen is that some polycurves won’t get the sphere that’s truly the closest because it’s already taken …

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@Michal_Dengusiak This might work too.
pairing.dyn (11.5 KB)