Center the reference of an existing room as well as its tag


Est-il possible de recentrer une référence de pièce pour permettre de centrer mes étiquettes. J’ai fait uns script pour centrer les étiquettes dans une pièce mais il me recentre mon étiquette sur sa référence et non au centre de ma pièce.
Il faut donc que je trouve un moyen de recentrer ma référence sans devoir tout effacer pour remettre mes pièces en automatique.

Merci de votre aide
Patrice BASSY

EDIT (Translation):
Good morning,

Is it possible to re-center a part reference to help center my labels. I made a script to center the labels in a room but it centers my label on its reference and not in the center of my room.
So I have to find a way to refocus my reference without having to erase everything to put my parts back automatically.

Thank you for your help

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Hi @Patrice.Bassy,

It should be straightforward to center room tags with the Element Centroid and Tag SetLocation nodes of the Genius Loci package.
To center rooms, you can use the Element Centroid and *Element SetLocation" nodes.

Thank you Alban for your script. I am having difficulty executing this. I don’t understand why it doesn’t work.
On the other hand, in your script you put “Space” in the category but do you have to put “Room”? I also tried with Espace but it doesn’t work either.

thank you for your help

You probably need to install the DynamoIronPython2.7 package for custom nodes to work.

You also need to collect the room tags to be able to center them.

Hi Alban_de_Chasteigner,

Thanks for your help my script works. I am now looking to make an exception so that a label does not follow the script, is this possible? I use 2 labels and there is 1 that I would like not to center because I move it to allow readability of the plan (the labels of technical ducts because GTs are often small).

Thanks for your help


Filter or group your tags by type before centering them with the Tag SetLocation node.
You can also collect only the correct tags with the Family Types and the All Elements of Family Type nodes.