Ceiling Openings From Linked files

Hi all,
I am trying to create ceiling openings for lights(from linked files), Can anyone please suggest a node or a process to create?

Hello @srigunda789 and welcome here…could you show how far you are ? then its easier to get help…and understand the issue

I would suggest the following steps-

  1. Get the location point of the light fixtures
  2. Place a void generic family at the same location
    3.Use the generic void family to cut the openings in the ceilings

Thanks @sovitek for your reply,
Here in my linked file mostly lights are of non-parametric, i cant get the dimensions of those, so i created a bounding box at that light and thought of checking the clash between that bounding box and my ceiling using “Geometry.intersect” where i will get the intersection area between the two and with help of that i will create the ceiling opening.
But here, my issue is i am not able to get the intersection between the bounding box and ceiling because bounding box is of “Autodesk.designscript.geometry.polysurface” but here “Geometry.Intersect” is asking for “Autodesk.designscript.geometry.geometry”.
Can you please suggest any?

Thanks @SouravGanguli for your suggestion,
Here my problem is mostly my lighting fixtures are of Non-Parametric, I am not able to get the dimensions of those.
Can you please go through the reply i had given to soviet.

Hi @srigunda789 …probably something here could help…if you are in 2022 then use synthezise "family insert instead of spring…

and with boundingbox

test forum.dyn (35.0 KB)

You can turn the bounding box to a geometry object by using the bounding box to cuboid node. to get a solid and then use the solid to intersect and cut the ceiling surface. This I believe is the preferred option.

You can also try exploding the Poly surface to get individual surfaces but since then will most likely will not be in the same plane with the ceiling surface it wont work.