Category node keeps changing when I moved the DYN file to other folder

Hi there, can anyone help me with this issue please. I’ve created a DYN that use categories Node and the value keep changing anytime I move or change the folder of this file. For example As captured, it should be “Sheet” instead of “RVT link”


Hi @Tamn,

You can use Category.ByName node instead to always keep the correct category.

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Your node could change because a Revit 2018 project file has less Categories compared to a Revit 2019 file.
So using the name gives you the item in the list of categories independant of the number of Categories.


@m.rijsmus is almost certainly correct - the number of categories change every release, and the drop down nodes store their values as an index not a string value so you won’t get consistency between Revit versions with that node.

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Hi Alban, thanks very much it works perfectly.

Thanks Rijsmus, it happened to me once as you say. My dyn files working well in Revit 2017 but not really when I try in Revit 2019.