Can't select Element's ID in Result (Dynamo Player)

Hi all, i updated to revit 2018.3 a week ago. At that time, the Results of Dynamo Player was totally like Watch Node in Dynamo. It’s mean I was able to click on the element’s ID to review it in Revit.

Few days later, it is impossible to do the same. The element’s ID now is no longer clickable. And it’s filled by blue not green like before.

I really love Dynamo Player’s Interface but this make me go back to Dynamo to work with Watch Node. Is there anyway to fix this?



I’m still able to highlight and copy the output. Is that what you’re trying to do?

Thanks for replying.

Actually I’m still able to highlight and copy the output. But I used to just click on the ID to locate element in the view, like in Watch Node.

I’m dealing with bunch of elements so i don’t want to copy and paste every single one to Select Elements by ID tool.

Last week i could do this. But now i’m no longer able to click the element ID (I edited the photo to clear my point).


I noticed the same thing. The ability to select an element ID in a watch node within the in Player is very useful.

Hi @avngv,

Were you able to find the issue?

@Bzz, any idea what is happening here?

I don’t remember this being implemented in Player, most likely in Dynamo and probably other Player-like applications. Good news is that we have everything under the hood to make this work in Player. However I can’t tell when this could be prioritized. It’s a good idea to post this request on Revit Idea forum as well and if it gets enough votes it will be taken into account at some point.


You can vote here for the idea: