Can't run script multiple times in Dynamo player

Hello, I would like to ask for some information or help related to my problem:

I have created a script for Dynamo Player in Civil3D that places text according to the selected pline.
For the assignment of this script, it is needed to run the script several times inside one project for different lines.

But when I run the script in Dynamo Player several times, it does not save previous results but just replaces it.

Can someone please explain to me what is wrong? Maybe there are needed some special preparations or rules for the script before it goes to the dynamo player?

Hi @Leonid.Vasilev,

You’re not alone :wink:

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The best workaround that I know of at the moment is to use a Function.Apply node. This should get around the trace mechanism.


Hi, @mzjensen. Thank you for your help. This solution works perfectly, now my script works as it should :smiley:. But can you also explain the logic? Why does it need to apply it as a function?

This works with Dynamo Player but not using the normal Dynamo user interface, so honestly…I can’t explain the logic. The way Dynamo Player works with Civil 3D is a mystery to me.