Can't find View.SetFilterVisibility node

Hi all,

I am working on filters with Dynamo, different topics I have helped me a lot ! I am using Dynamo 2.0 or 1.3 sometimes to look for old nodes.
But I need the View.SetFilterVisibility() node and can’t find it. I have seen it exists but I can’t find it in my archi-lab package or in the others.
Do you have any idea ??

Thank you very much


Try Add.Filter

If it works, I don’t know, havent tested it myself

Hi @Marcel_Rijsmus,
Thank you for your answer. Could you attach your code to see if the node works with my packages ? I have tried to sign up but cant find Konrad course.
Thank you

i dont have Revit here at home but i found another one in Bakery