Cant find the right Archilab package

Hi. I am going through this course by Konrad Sobon (link: tps:// but I am running into a problem. I cant find the right package. I am looking for the ‘Archilab’ package. But in the Dynamo Package Manager I can only find (I dont know if its the same?). So I went into the different package builds and selected 2015.12.10, since I am using Revit2015 and Dynamo 1.2.

At first the package wasn’t visible in the Dynamo library. But i read about this trick to manually drag a .dyf file from the package folder and then it would appear. So i did that and it worked, the package appeared in the library. EXCEPT… (here comes the problem)

It is not the Archilab package which I am looking for that i am seeing. I am looking for the package that is used in the course video in the link above, which is simply called ‘Archilab’, but I am seeing the “Archilab-Grimshaw” package. So it does not have the View Filter nodes, which I am looking for.

Can anyone help me get the right package that is used in the video? Should I download a package for Dynamo build 1.0.0, which Ksobon uses in the video? This would seem unlogical to me…

Help is very much appreciated! Thanks

Hey, / Archi-lab_Grimshaw are the same. Archi-lab is the name of Konrad’s own website/blog. The Grimshaw nodes he worked on while working for Grimshaw (since moved to HOK) but they’re what you can consider the ‘main’ archi-lab node package.

Other archi-lab packages include Bumblebee (for Excel interop) and Mandrill (for data visualisation).

I’m using Dynamo 1.2.1 (to enable backwards compatibility to Revit 2015) with 2016.13.3 and I have the view filter nodes.

Thanks for your help. I have installed 2016.13.3. I can move on now! Thanks.

how to get for revit 2015

In order to get Dynamo that’s compatible with Revit 2015, you must install Dynamo 1.2.1. In order to get package that is compatible with that version of Dynamo you should try versions that have 2015.12.X or potentially 2016.12.X.

Can you upgrade these packages for Revit 202X versions ?