Cannot identify node "Grids.DivideByOrientation"

Hello I am looking for this package I am currently using Dynamo version I can not find it in the package server can anyone else

Why haven’t you upgraded to a newer version of Dynamo?

which version Is that because when I had downloaded version 2.0.0 but the commands aren’t visible

Renamed topic to better communicate the issue.

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Thank you will do apologies for that

The node is from the package “Prorubim” as it actually says on your screenshot, also have a look here:

I simply searched the forum for “Grids.DivideByOrientation”

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I’d say try to prioritize fixing Dynamo 2.0 or downgrading it to an earlier version.

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Looks like you might need to upgrade your Revit @s.rooble. What version are you in?

Hi @s.rooble

Remove pnid modeler from your revit installation /addins folder. That will solve your library issue.


Can you elaborate please I have gone into my revit addin and cant find a pind modeller ?

Which Revit version your using?

Kulkul probably means: Systems => P&ID modeler - P&ID Collaboration

I am using revit 2017 and dynamo version 1.3.1

I also have a few add-ons only revit magicad revit classification

@s.rooble Try installing Dynamo 2.01 from latest daily builds. Click here to download

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I believe I need revit 2018 for the dynamo 2.0 to work because the previous version of dynamo works on my 2017

No you don’t. Uninstall Dynamo 2.0 before you install 2.0.1. It works for Revit 2017 as well.