Cannot get a list to fully flatten

In this graph, I have snagged Parent Families and their Types. Then I have pushed each Parent Family to the first atom of each list so that I have Parent Family followed by each of it’s Family’s Types. But I cannot seem to get a list to completely flatten beyond L3.
What am I missing?

I added List.FirstItem.
This got me what I was after.

Why are you using cross lacing on your flatten node, wouldn’t it be enough to use a flatten node with auto lacing and no list levels?

I think I just tried that at one point to get the list to flatten. I set it back to Auto, but still cannot get it to flatten completely. Nevertheless, List.FirstItem got me what I wanted.

I wrote both setting it back and do not use list levels :slight_smile:


That worked… got rid of List.FirstItem now.