Cant read from document open in background?

Hello, I cant seem to read from documents open in the background. Anyone know why? I tried this with a project with all of these files linked into the project that I had run dynamo in, and then I closed that file, that version of revit. Opened up a completely new instance of revit, and dynamo, one where the links were not in it at all and tried it again, and I got the same results. I thought maybe if I had the links loaded in, then you couldnt open them in the background, but that appears to be false. What is the problem here/

Most of the OOTB nodes only work in the context of current document. Which package are you using to process elements from other documents?

I believe this it the GeniusLoki package node

I’m not sure if this produces what you are after, but I am using Rhythm nodes to open the document or link, extract the elements of a particular category. From there, it gives me both family types and placed instances in the link file, I separate them via their object type, is it a “FamilyInstance” or not. From there use OOTB nodes to extract the family from the family type and then grab the family name.

Hopefully you can see the image clearly enough, let me know if I need to blow it up.

Hope this is what you were after and hope it helped!

Hi Patrick that does not seem to work for me. Are you able to modify any of those elements in the background? Ultimately that is what I am trying to do. And I am using the node from GeniusLoci: Set parameter by name, in document. Are you able to do that? They tell me it works, but I cant seem to get it to work…Thanks!