Can we add Leaders/Arrows to the already tagged elements?

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I’d first like to thank the entire community for being so responsive and helpful. This community has truly helped me grow and learn new things in Revit with the power of Dynamo.

Coming to my question, I’m trying to put tags on elements of an assembly. These tags are nothing but keys. I’m successful in putting tags on all the elements. Now i’m looking to add “Leaders” to the tags and spread them out nice and clean. Here’s how it looks right now

And here’s how i’m hoping to achieve

And at last here is how far i’m able to reach with Dynamo!

Kindly help!

Maybe start with this post. I think there will be more involved than u may think because you have to turn them on, but also move the tags out from thier curri position.

Thankyou @SeanP! If i’m not mistaken the link to the topic you’ve shared is to move the tail of the leader once you’ve got leaders. Well i’m not really sure how to turn on the leaders in the first place. Couldn’t find any related posts neither any nodes!

Could you please share some thoughts!

This will turn on leaders for the tags.


Hi Piyush,

Here is an example of tag locations modified afterward.

Thankyou @Alban_de_Chasteigner and @SeanP, that did the job!!

@Alban_de_Chasteigner thankyou for sharing, however is there a way i can get location points such that the tags are always placed perpendicular to the element at a certain distance?

I’m trying to follow Element Tag location - offset point where @Nick_Boyts provided an excellent idea to do so. However its complicated to copy the exact case as i have multiple category elements in my assembly causing it not to work!

Any thoughts on how can we work around this?

Hello Sean,

Is there anyway to do this with Textnotes? I am looking into custom Scripts via API but cannot seem to come up with a solution myself. Any ideas?


Check this post on the API forums for reference on where to go. Looks like it is totally possible, just not sure what if any nodes exist, or if it will need to be python.

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Interesting article.

So I finally solved it and the solution is absolutely / utterly ridiculous. Basically what my solution does is it prompts the user to what they want to align too (first text clicked) and then re-aligns all of them. Now the issues with this is that there is no text align tool or quick code. I ended up obtaining the points, made my first item override the X value, then recreated all of the text retrieving the text itself, leaders, points, etc from scratch.

After that is applied, the passthrough deletes the original texts. All of this just to align text for a detail. Hysterical to me.


Hi @kbruno1989,

Just thinking. Could you maybe share these graph?

Thanks in advance.

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