Can someone help batch-exporting families into FBX files?

I would like to batch export families to FBX.
Probably, the best thing would be pointing to a folder that holds all the families, but if that is not possible, then it could work with the families in the project. I would have to import all the families I want to batch-export into the project-file.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Haider_of_Sweden,

You could take inspiration from this topic : How to automate .rfa to .rvt / .ifc conversion? with the IO.ExportAsFBX node of Wombat or the Export to FBX node of Data-Shapes.

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If the files are in a folder you can run the same script on all of them with RevitBatchProcessor

Could you find a way? Please share as I have to do the same and I am new to Dynamo

did you find a way? @Haider_of_Sweden

The revit batch processor doesnt run and says that and addin named “BatchRvt” should be installed in Revit. How can I use this Batch processor? @infeeeee

Read the docs on rbp’s github. Maybe you didn’t install the addon part. If it’s still not working, open a new thread here or on github, as it’s offtopic

Thanks for replying so quickly @infeeeee
I have read the document but it doenst say anything about the addin. Have you used this batch exporter?

Yes i used it, and everything is written down on the link. Please read it.

@Haider_of_Sweden Can you please help me with this. I need to do the same thing

@infeeeee I managed to start the Revit Batch Processor (RBP). I am running the following script (Which converts rfa to fbx). After using RBP, the script is not applied to all the revit files and it is stuck here; Can you help. Try and run the script on multiple family files using RBP pleaseExport 1 file as FBX.dyn (6.3 KB)

Sorry, I don’t have time for this, please open a new thread about your question. Please don’t necrobump old threads about not really related questions. (This thread was about exporting fbx and you started questioning about RBP)

Start a new thread, add a screenshot of your graph (it’s very important!) and someone maybe can help you. Also please read this FAQ post, it can help you get help:

If you want answers you have to learn how to ask questions…

Ultimately, I want to batch export families to FBX files and as far as I can tell this post is very much related. RBA was an intermediate step to do it… I have already opened up a new thread… If you can not help at least you can answer in a more friendly and open way. Thanks but no thanks!! @infeeeee