Can not start Dynamo 1.3

This is my problem and I tried to reinstall with latest version but it do not work.How to fix it. Thank you very much.

Hi @conghau.bdh

Which Revit Version your using?

And also do you have colorizer installed? If yes try uninstalling colorizer and restart your PC.

My Revit version is 2016. I uninstalled Colorizer and Dynamo, then restart and reinstall Dynamo, but it still don’t work.
Now, I can go to Dynamo windown, but nothing when I create new file or open file.

Many thank.

@conghau.bdh that is good news :slight_smile:

Now that’s not good. Can you show me screen shot of your Dynamo folders in this location C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo

This is Dynamo Folder.

Thank you very much.

@conghau.bdh Your missing “Dynamo Core” Folder. Looks like it is not installed properly. Uninstall Completely Dynamo again Restart your PC and Install again Dynamo 1.3.

@Kulkul I don’t think it is because of that folder. DynamoCore folder ill only get created when you install some Packages while you are running Dynamo as a Standalone application (outside Revit) OR when you install some Packages from “Dynamo Studio.”

@conghau.bdh Can you show me the screenshot of your Dynamo folder in the “Program Files”?

I did, but it still does not work. (go to Dynamo windown then nothing)
But, I have another computer, and it works although it does not have Dynamo Core folder.
Thank you.

@conghau.bdh @Ritesh_Chandawar Sorry i thought that’s the culprit but may be i was wrong. Can you show as @Ritesh_Chandawar said Dynamo folder in the programfiles folder.

Here is Dynamo folder in the programfiles folder.

Many thanks.

and sub Folder of Dynamo Core

and Dynamo Revit