Can I use matplotlib in Dynamo?

Just want to know this. I am trying to use dynamo plot two series of data , and conduct several statical functions and show the results using a diagram. Is it possible I can write a python script (or something like that) to import matplotlib in this case?

I don’t think this is possible. You’re probably better off using Dynamo to extract your data in a standard file format such as a CSV file and then processing it externally with matplotlib.

According to their documentation: it has dependencies on things like python 3.6 or greater and numpy so i don’t think you can use that in Dynamo. Dynamo is actually built on top of something called IronPython which is a .NET wrapper around python 2.7. I don’t think Dynamo fulfills matplotlib’s requirements.

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Now (Revit 2022) Dynamo use python 3. is it possible now to use Matplotlib?

Yes you can use it, except the method
example of workaround here

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