Can I fill color according to the department of the room?

Can I fill color according to the department of the room with polycurve.byjoinedcurves? or any boundary? like department 1- green, department 2 - red, like this in this picture

Why not use the Revit function for something like this?

Can I fill the color through the pattern in Revit and import it into the dynamo?

What do you need the colors for IN Dynamo?

Sorry for asking all these questions, but if we get a better picture of your end goal we might get a better solution.

The specific color doesn’t matter. I just want color it according to the department of the room and load it on the dynamo

I get it that the color doesn’t matter, but what do you wanna do with the color. Why do you need it?

I want to make it easy to see the room composition of the building through colors.

Search for Color by Surface (in Dynamo)
on these forums. Pretty sure you’ll find a solution in one of those topics (because i had a look myself :upside_down_face:)

*In brackets is a optional when searching.

I am on mobile so it is a bit hard to be a real help.

I know to simply color the surface. But how can I arrange it differently depending on the department?

You probably wanna look in to the Group by Key node.

I guess you created those Curves from rooms(?). Those rooms have a parameter
which names the department(?). You can use that Parameter to Group.

Okay. I’ll look that way. Thank you for your answer.