Can I extract Columns from a Chain of Walls?

Turns out the corners I’m trying to isolate are a column hosted at the end of the wall. I’ve found a couple nodes that return the nested curtain panels, is there anything that would list the column at the end of the wall that host it?
(update) they are not hosted in the wall; they are hosted in the level. But there is something called a chain of walls and if I’m lucky maybe they’ll be in that. So new question, is there a way to select the chain of walls from Dynamo and then extract its hosted elements (I’m still not sure they are in there, but maybe)?
Right now they have to select each element individually, I’m trying to update it so they can select the walls and pick up the Break Shape Corner Post.

Screenshot 2022-09-19 153028 Select Cornerpost by Wall

have you tried:

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