Select Nested Curtain Walls

Hi All,
I am working on a project that will include nested curtain walls -
meaning the Panel parameter of the curtain wall will be another curtain wall.
I want to get these curtain walls, and check some of their values in dynamo (which mullions they contain, sizes, materials, etc).
I have tried using the nodes CurtainPanel.ByElement, and the Element.Panels from the Clockwork package, but these return curtain panels (despite the panels really being curtain walls themselves).
Anyone know of a way to get the panels as their actual type? As curtain walls?
Thanks in advance!

This should work fine with the Element.Panels node. Which version of Dynamo & Clockwork are you using?

I’m using Dynamo
and Clockwork 1.31.1

Dynamo is not recognizing them as walls, only as curtain panels


Interesting. Can you upload the relevant portion of your model? (Alternatively, PM me. I‘d really like to get to the bottom of this.)

Here is a simple sample file - just a curtain wall nested as a panel of another curtain wall. Element.Panel returns Curtain Panels, instead of Curtain Walls.
Thanks for your help!
NestedCW.rvt (440 KB)

I just realized you’re not working with the most current version of Clockwork, should have paid more attention to your first reply…
Returning embedded walls is something I only added in 1.31.2 ( If you don’t want to upgrade (or can’t), run your list of panels through Clockwork’s CurtainPanel.HostPanel instead.

Thank you so much! Solved!