Can File.WriteText write several lines?


No matter what I do it only writes the first:


Try and convert it to a single string before you write the data :slight_smile:


I’m trying to do that with String from Array and even it adds all the lines it messes a bit the content with {} and , at the beginning of each line.

Any better way to do it?

Not in front of a computer right now, but I think String.Join should work fairly well for this. If I remember correctly, you‘ll end up with a single list item so you would need to use List.FirstItem to retrieve the concatenated string.


Try using String.Join with \n as separator

Wrote at the same time.

Thanks all. Managed to solve it with the node String From List using nothing as a suffix or separator.

The result is the same as String.Join :slight_smile:

Exactly my point, good that it worked :slight_smile: