Can Dynamo work over long distances (kilometres)?

The nature of my work is over long distances (kms to hundreds of kms) - e.g. railway corridor, roads/highways, long span bridges, tunnels etc.

My questions:

  1. Does Dynamo work in this type of long environment? Or is it designed for use on objects/buildings only?

  2. Can I reference files into my design window such as a topographical survey model to use as datum with what I am trying to design? e.g. I want to design the lighting inside a tunnel, can I reference in the tunnel model into Dynamo and program Dynamo to place the cabling inside the tunnel?

  3. Any suggestions of other computational design applications which is more suitable?

Thank you in advance.

You will find a detailed workflow in this AU class:

See also this:

Many thanks.

That first link keeps crashing but I’m guessing that it means: Yes, Dynamo can work over long distances in AutoCAD…

You will easily find a bunch of other related links using Google, see this one for instance: