Can all items in a system be selected?

Is there a way to select all elements in a system?

Ultimately, I’m trying to create an Assembly of each system. The Assembly part I have figured out as well as how to create the list to feed that portion of the routine. But I’m struggling to select the items within the system.

Example: For Element Types I have ElectricalSystem selected. This ElectricalSystem knows what families are part of the system, but I can’t seem to mine them out to create a functional list that works with my assembly generator. There’s a Package called SystemList that almost does it, but it loses the element ID’s in the process, thus no way to select the actual items.

Any help would be appreciated. Once it works I’ll be sure to post the full solution.


This is what I have accomplished thus far. Unfortunately, it doesn’t know the element ID’s to finish generating the Assemblies.




Hi Brian,

Would it help if SystemList had an output for element ids? I briefly looked at the node, looks like it could be done easily enough in the python script.