All instance of a system family type

Anyone knows how to get a list of all instance of a system family type fx Wall or floor?

pls be more specific!

a list as in dynamo, a schedule…

for dynamo it works like:



The above works great provided you want a complete list of all. I think the original poster might be looking for a way to filter that list.

You can certainly use the “All elements of Type” and then define the type, or if you want to filter the list based on criteria rather than a single type you can experiment with strings. There is likely a cleaner way but this is similar to what I’ve been using:


Dynamo Post - 2015-01-23 - 01

filterfor filter i’d use clockwork nodes

Both methods works perfectly undtil i try set at parameter back into Revit. the output of the sortet has to be as elements just like the no system familys. Capture



How do you succeed getting your watch note show the green id number of all the elements? (Output from list.filterbyboolmask)

Thats exactly what I want!!

I just get a dead list with no opportunity to shot info back to the elements in Revit.

@Jesper Wallaert

whenever the results of an operation are revit elements the elementId is shown together with the elements.

when your results are strings there are no Ids provided