Camber Feedback Thread

Hi @Ahmed.Kamal.Moussa,

Sorry for the delayed response - I was out on vacation.

I’m planning to include more nodes for Pressure Pipe Runs in the next release of Camber, so I will look into these items as well. Thanks for posting!

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Hi @mzjensen ,

Are there any plans to also implement the Document.SystemVariable node functionality for ExternalDocuments?

Hello @mzjensen ,

in the Pipe Material form part properties post we were talking about the properties of the pressure parts defined in the Content Catalog Editor.

Related to that, when you have time, please check this isue with the PressurePart.Connections node:

This node appears to return a list with a missing element, for example a valve or elbow or reducer should have 2 connection points (but only one is shown), a branch tee should have 3 connection points (but only 2 are shown) , a hydrant should have 1 connection point (but an empty list is shown), etc.

Here’s an example for you to review.

Puntos de conexión.dwg (1.4 MB)
puntos de conexión.dyn (22.8 KB)

If I can help you with something, let me know :+1: :+1: :+1:

I’ll look into it! Thanks for reporting.

Sure, I’ll see what I can do.

Camber v3.0.0 is live! This is another substantial update, so I won’t cover everything in this post. Here are the highlights:

  • Pressure Pipe Runs
  • Corridor Surfaces
  • Toolspace Folders
  • Layouts
  • Dimensions
  • Intersections
  • External Layers
  • Text

I’ll follow-up with more specific posts soon. In the meantime, here are the full release notes. Give it a try and let me know what you think!


Looks impressive! :+1:


This is possible in v3.0.0.

@Daan - see the new nodes in v3.0.0.

@Drbohlav - this is possible in v3.0.0.


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Good catch @francolaca. This is fixed in v.3.0.0.

Hi @mzjensen, congratulations for your great contribution :+1: :+1: :+1:. Downloading right now

Downloaded and deployed.
Will start to test all new features.
Love your hard work and effort!!

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Really appreciate the time spent on this!

What’s the idea/goal that’s driving you to develop the external file nodes to the degree that you have?

I think I’m just looking for some inspiration in this area more than anything else.

I recently used them to save each layer out as it’s own DWG for a list of drawings.


The main goal is to enable working with drawings besides the currently-open one. Others have used the nodes to develop model checking scripts that can analyze a whole folder of DWGs and check certain things without having to open each file. Another idea might be to batch import layouts from other drawings, like a template file for example. The ceiling is pretty high, so I just built out a few nodes to see what people came up with. If you have more ideas, let me know and I can look at adding more functionality! All of the new nodes under the External shelf for the v3.0.0 release were specific requests from others, which is great :+1:

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Did that work well for you? Any issues/thoughts/ideas?

Ah man this dimension node is gonna be cool (labeled all these at once)
Dimensions - Create for Line Segments v0.dyn (160.3 KB)


Cool stuff Kirk!