Calculate the Overall Length of Detail lines in Revit

I need to calculate the length of the building perimeter, so I create a line style named as building perimeter. I have got error messages. I am new to Dynamo and know limited nodes, so I don’t know how to fix it even with the error prompt.


The followings are the error messages I’ve got. I assume “Item” is different from “Element”, how can I get the element of the item? I tried Categories node, but it doesn’t include the line style I created.

Expects argument type(s), but was called with

This error message indicates that the node you are using is expecting a certain type of input(s) but has received a type of input it cannot use. It is typically followed by additional information regarding what types were passed into the node you are using and what types the node expected to receive. Some of the most common operations that trigger this error are:

How to fix

The section above mentions some approaches you can take to recover from this error. In general, check what input types the node you are using expects. If possible, change the inputs passed into the node to their expected types or check to see if other nodes can be used to achieve the functionality you want. Note that input types can be checked using the [Object.Type]

Hola amigo @HLCN buenas. When you use Element.Name you are asking for just the name, a string value. The List.GetItemAtIndex node must be connected to the first node Get All Line Styles, to get the geometry of the lines try with Element.Geometry, I hope this is useful.

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@HLCN continue on using archi-lab, it has all the required nodes I believe:


Thank you for your response. I noticed that I don’t have AL.Select Detail Lines by Style, I assume I need to upgrade the package. Currently I am using Revit 2022, will 2023.213.1722 work? Thank you.

Thanks for your explanation! The link is very helpful. I will bookmark it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I upgraded Archi-lab to the most current version. However, I still didn’t see Node Al.Select Detail Lines by Style. Where can I find it? Thank you!

No idea on that supposed Archilab node - the node name and input/output naming syntax suggest to me it might actually be an older node or a repackaged node that’s been deprecated in the main Archilab package rather than something newer that needed an updated. Data-Shapes has a node with similar functionality, you can filter by model/detail lines afterwards if necessary.