Calculate coordinates of a mass family from Survey Point in a file with Project North


From this post in the old forum:
I got the method to calculate the coordinates to another point with Project Base Point as a starting point.
Now i want to calculate this point with Survey Point as a starting point.
In the attached revit file Project North has been rotated, thats what has been giving me a headache.
This is how far i got.

Any suggestions?


RD-coordinates 0.4.dyn (40.8 KB)
16-0041_BPM_AB-M0-STR.rvt (2.4 MB)

Hello there,

Cmon Vikram you know how to do this :slight_smile:
It has something to do with cs’s i bet.

If you need more information, please dont hessitate to ask.
thanks in advance,

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@Marcel_Rijsmus Will look into into and see if I can justify your confidence in my presumed capabilities :slight_smile:

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Is what you were trying to do?..
BaseSurvey.dyn (17.2 KB)

Hi Vikram,

First off, thanks for the effort.
What im trying to do is set the parameters of the mass family and tag those masses.
The tags should read the “same” as spot coordinates do.
The spot coordinates are placed on the mass family, but im not sure if i picked the exact cs of the mass family, since the reference planes in the mass family are also accepted as a host for the spot coordinate?
Thats why i wanted to set the parameter values with values that are calculated.
Its a precision thing…


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not precision, but accuracy i think :slight_smile:

@Marcel_Rijsmus I think you’ll find this adequately accurate and precise :smile:
BaseSurvey.dyn (15.5 KB)


Hi Marcel,

@Marcel_Rijsmus Here is another possible way.

And here is the dyn script RD-coordinates 0.4 (Kulkul).dyn (7.2 KB)



Excelent !

@ Vikram, im on Dynamo 1.1, i will rebuild it in that version.
@ Kulkul, where does the transform-node come from? It shows up red.

Thanks guys.

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Can you give me some directions where to get the node transform pls, it looks like a custom node to me


Hi @Marcel_Rijsmus,

I don’t have the solution but just want to point you that you have mentioned @ Kulkul it should be @Kulkul no space after “@” sign.

Thanks craig!