Cache results and view

In lieu of more fluid real-time interaction in Dynamo, I would like to pre-compute the results of a script, such as for mesh relaxation, store those results in some form so that I do not have to compute them again. Then, when I hit ‘Run’ again, I would like to just pull from one of the pre-computed data entries. Is there a way to keep this in Dynamo, OR will I have to save the pre-computed data entries to an external file, switch to another workspace, and then load from that file?

Excel i/o???

Might be conveniant

An excel sheet would be convenient for 2D lists and perhaps 3D lists in the sense that it may match the assumptions of the data structure(s) needed.

In general I would think that the caching of data within a node that has not had changes to the inputs of the node would be really good boost to the computation speed.