C# or PYTHON for making a revit plugin? Or a direct software/ way to make a plugin?

Wow. Thats so easy and useful. So all i need is to create a node group for grids and join these inputs you created to that group of nodes. Right?

Yeah pretty much.

Creating a grid uses a startpoint and endpoint.
So create a few lists with the data … and you are good to go.

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I think you should start with python because it’s easy to learn and use, below is a code example of two languages, actually writing code on c # is faster but clearing up on dynamo is really difficult for a novice.Good Luck !

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I have created nodes groups for grids. just last thing; what do i need to get DataSheet platform and how to connect DataSheet inputs to my dynamo group? (which will eventually give me results on revit)

yes sir ive been meaning to lean python for dynamo scripting. will look into it. thanks.

I can’t find UI.MultipleInputForm++
they have this old DataSheet on Package Manager on dynamo site, it doesn’t have the nodes you displayed earlier. kindly help!

@uaftab.cem19 Did you install Package “Data-Shapes” (Not DataSheet)?

No not installed. :pensive:
(Yes Data-Shapes*)

I have dynamo 0.9 by default when i installed revit 2017.
Which version of dynamo has Data-shapes?

Deinstall dynamo 0.9.

Use either 1.3.x or 2.x

(If you look on the menu bar: you see a tab named ‘packages’. Packages are addins for dynamo created by awesome fellow users which make life easier.

Man i have been trying to install dynamo 1.3 for days now :persevere:
1st problem- on dynamobim.org/download , DYNAMO REVIT asks to click a link DYNAMO BUILDS and find the revit versions fo4 2017-2018. But the link shows a list of 3 types of dynamo versions “coreruntime2.0” “dynamoinstall2.0.exe” “dynamorevit2.0.exe” which file do i need here?

2nd problem- when i use Dynamoinstall2.0.exe or dynamorevit2.0.exe, the dynamo in manage tab of revit doesn’t have any nodes on the left side. And its just frustrating. I found similar problems with other users on this forum but i swear nothing helped :persevere:

I so exhausted, i just need data-shapes and its teasing me so much. Please help.

@uaftab.cem19 go to https://dynamobuilds.com/

In first section (most stable) look for:

2018-12-03T16:05:46.000Z 221792368 DynamoInstall2.0.2.exe

2018-12-03T15:53:22.000Z 249491712 DynamoInstall1.3.4.exe

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These are for revit 2017 right?

hmm I believe 1.3.4 is for 2017, 2018 2019 2020

2.x is for 2019 onwards?

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I ve no clue if you are asking me :grin:

Yeah man it worked :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
But its doesnt have data-shapes by default. when i installed data-shapes, its just the older version, not ++

why is the multipleInputForm++ giving me negative value for my inputs? although i provided positive values as you can see in the list

The output of the data shapes node may be a string. Try String.ToNumber to change it to an integer.

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Solved man :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: thanks alot.