BumbleBee write to excel preserve line breaks and text format

Formatting doesn’t seem to be respected using BB excel export. I need to get it looking like the copy/paste version. Would this even be possible with the configs ?

I know I would have to split the text on every line break(\n), from there just insert by column. Tab(\t) would get tricky, I’d rather avoid all this and I’m wondering if there’s something they could do in excel or a config I can use for the export. Thanks in advance!

I believe it does preserve new lines, it just doesn’t follow the same format when copying and pasting.

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@j-meds , hi

i am not sure if this is similar topic… but i had the issue with a ifc-mappingtable…
to have a placeholder like “#”




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Doesn’t seem to be the case as #name was added due to it having the dash(‘-’) which expects a formula. I may need to do a custom solution which adds line breaks on the next row.

you can copy the python code from bumblebee:

and add one line here: