Bulk import of Sat Files to In-Place Mass in Revit

I am trying to import, in bulk, SAT files to In-Place mass in Revit. I can do this manuely, but I sometimes have over 100 files that have to be individually imported and named the SAT file name. These are all in individually In-Place mass files for tagging. I have tried to do this but have run into issues. Has anyone tried to do this? Thanks for the help.

Coud you send a screenshot of your graph?
See also what comes out of the search tool on this topic:

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Hi @jwasham

Have a look at this video

Okay, that gets me half-way there. I need the importer to import each sat file as an instance. In other word’s let’s say I have 25 sat files I want to bring in. I want those files to be imported and then be named the file name that is associated with that sat file. I have another script I add parameters to these using the file name that was exported from my other software. Any further info or knowledge drop would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for the help.

Could you first drop a screenshot of your graph and links to anything useful?
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: