Builtin Parameters - trials not working

Me again,

I’ve tried thru different posts to get to the bottom of this and haven’t been able to check the “Solved” box yet.
After suggestions thu my other post by @Andreas_Dieckmann here are my attempts with the different nodes from the “Builtin parameter” search.

My element is a diffuser.
I dug deeper with the Lookup addin and finaly found the “Builtin Parameter” name:

I tried a lot of different variants, looked at diffrent posts, and even though I put a lot of hours trying to make it work… it was with no success.Please help!
Builtin_Parameter_Trials_WIP.dyn (45.7 KB)

Dyn file shots:
With @Konrad_K_Sobon post on the subject

I’m obviously missing something!

Yeah something like: Please supply a list to Elements input. Single elements are not iterable. That’s what the warning says. Right?

I just tried all elements of Category

Wrong type of list?

This is my mini model to test with

So, the first one seems to be doing just fine. The second and third you feeding in a NULL value for a parameter name.

Sorry Konrad, I’m trying different things without knowing if it’s viable or possible.

The first one is outputing a “Door Knob” from Air Terminals and what I’ve been looking for is the Omniclass Builtin Parameter with the set values that are Omniclass type.

I thought I could use your DS with other Builtin Parameters to acheive similar results.The Python script must be written exclusively for the original application.

Parameter Name input is expecting a name of a BuiltInParameter. You seem to be trying to set OMNICLASS_CODE. If that’s a Text parameter that is NOT read only then it should be fine.
Elements is a LIST input. If you have 5 Air Terminals in that list then:
ParameterValues needs to be a list with 5 string values.

Makes sense?

Thanks fror the break down I understand better!

Parameter Name = Builitin Parameter = OMNICLASS_CODE = Check
Element = List Input = One for for each = Check

OMNICLASS_CODE = Parameter Type is Text, but according to “APIObject” Read-Only = True (see blue arrow)

Hence the error. You can’t set that particular parameter.

So there’s no way of setting that parameter, even with Python?

not “read only” parameters they cannot be set.

can you set it using the UI? Maybe you are looking at the wrong parameter

Not thru the element in the project:

When I edit the family:

So here’s your answer. You have to edit the family, and set the family parameter instead. Please start a new thread for that question.

See Final Solution to setting Builtin Parameters