Brick size on surface

I have a front elevation with a brick wall, and I have shown any non-standard brick size in a different colour. Each non-standard brick has its own unique type and material. I just need a way to display the brick size on the face of each brick.

Nest a 3D model text family in there, then use dynamo to push the values down to it. Or use a tag and tag all selected or use dynamo to tag only the ones that are exceptional.

Would you mind explaining how to “push” the values to the Model Text in Dynamo? Thanks

See attached as an example.

boxes with text.rvt (1.4 MB)
parabox.rfa (892 KB)
Set box text by size.dyn (20.0 KB)


Thanks Gavin. I opened the Revit model and I changed the size of one of the blocks. I am getting this error in Dynamo:

Probably caused by a missing node from a custom package. I noted the name and version for you.

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Hi Gavin. This is a great help. Would it be possible to have the different sizes set in different family types, rather than in instances?

Yes but much harder as youd need to create new duplicate types and set their type properties and apply them to each instance as the respective type.

I’ve shown you a method, time for you to build on it.


Is the Stringjoin+ your own custom node, and why did you need to create this?

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The StringJoin is part of the Crumple package which @GavinCrump did create.

Based on his example, I would guess he needed a way to join multiple lists together with a separator. Perhaps he was doing this a lot, so it made sense to build a custom node?

When you have something more complete, could you please share with the community what you have done?


As Tom said, I needed a node which joins lists of strings into one. The concatenate funcrion doesn’t support list levels, so can’t do this easily. I find myself doing this a lot, so the node was my way of saving some time.