BoundingBox warning with Designscript: Geometry is not a statc property

why I cannot write in designscript code block the min or max point of a bounding box withou that warning?

Warning: ‘Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.BoundingBox.Geometry’ is not a static property
Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer.


Can you share the list of inputs you’re providing into this node?

You may be able to just call this property via a.MinPoint but I cannot confirm at the moment.

a list of bounding boxes

What do you get when calling the property as I indicated?


a single point. very strange now I do not see the warning I do not know what happened. It appears when selecting nodes or code blocks with the command of a BoundingBox and merging to node to code.

Odd. Both work for me.


“BoundingBox.MinPoint” should work.

“Geometry.MinPoint” should NOT work.

This is because MinPoint is a property of a BoundingBox, not a property of Geometry.


for me as well if I write design script directly is fine but if I start with nodes and right click convert to Node to Code, I get that warning, and the result is Null, it is just a strange behaviour I have detected


Is Node to Code giving you Geometry.MinPoint() or BoundingBox.MinPoint()? What version of Dynamo are you in?

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