BoundingBox.IsEmpty not working?

Hi All,
I created a sphere and a bounding box. The sphere is definitely contained within the Bounding Box. And I used node “BoundingBox.IsEmpty”, but dynamo is reporting false. Not sure if I have done something wrong or misunderstood the description of node.
Thanks, Chiawei

Hi @kkitmax

Are you looking to get true if there is any Geometry inside Bounding Box?


Thank you very much @Kulkul

I’m attempting to get false if there are two or more Geometries inside Bounding Box. So I try using node "BoundingBox.IsEmpty“ to check is there any Geometry inside it.
But it confuses me that even I didn’t to create the sphere, dynamo is still reporting false. (Sorry. It’s my mistake to use the wrong image and description on my first post)

@kkitmax Yeah, BoundingBox.IsEmpty doesn’t behave the way you want it to act like BoundingBox.Intersects. If min point is bigger than Max point, then it should be true and in another case, it should be False.


I appreciate your interpretation, thank a lot. :smile:

Dear Dynamo community,

Could you please explain the weird behavior of BoundingBox.IsEmpty() to me, why it always return false?

In which case BoundingBox.IsEmpty() can return true?

From @Ritesh_Chandawar, what is the meaning of “bigger”?