BoundingBox Contains

Hallo there,
I tried to get an element which is completely inside a BoundingBox. Like BoundingBox.Intersects which shows all elements but just for fully inside ones.
I am using version 2.0.1

I don’t think there is a node for this, but it’s a pretty easy build out:

  1. Test the bounding box intersection as if it doesn’t intersect than it’s not entirely in the bounding box, and the less intersection tests the faster you’ll run.
  2. Build a bounding box of the elements which passed the prior filter, so you’ll have a bounding box for items which intersected the other bounding box.
  3. Pull the min and max points of the element’s bounding box and test if both of those intersect the larger bounding box and filter the list of elements from the initial filter accordingly.
  4. The included elements in the second filter are entirely inside the original bounding box, and the excluded elements are partially in.

Thanks, you are a big help.
I didnt thought of MaxPoint. The result is the farest point of the boundingbox I can use for BoundingBox.Contains again to see if this point is inside or not.


Bimorph has the GetElementsInside node that claims to do what you are asking - have never used it though, you´ll have to try if and how it works :smiley:

RIE package contains nodes with this functionality.
You can choose to get only elements completely inside the boundingbox, or include elements that intersect it, by category. You can also get linked elements using the same nodes.