Boolean "&&" operator


I dont understand why the “&&” or AND boolean operator is not working
when i feed 2 lists of Boolean values.

I need a list with both values true to be true and rest condition to be false.



Hi there,

You could use this python:



Weird situation, on mine it works fine:

Have you tried to replace everything with a codeblock?

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i will try this

@lucamanzoni it worked for first time , and then later null values donno.

Hi @Preetesh_Magdum1 and folks around,

I’m currently running into the same problem, but with || operator. My code block works perfectly right on the first time, then return null result on the second running. By any chance, did you find a solution regarding your problem ?



Hi everyone! Same problem with either || and && operators. Has anyone found a solution?

You can find the solution above post. Use code block for faster operation.

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