Block insertion on featureline with xy plane and xz plane rotation

hello everyone, I need to insert a block on a feature line by rotating it simultaneously on the xy and xz plane. I managed to extract the rotation angles but I don’t know which combination of nodes gives me the possibility to rotate the block at the same time on both planes.

Hi @p-dandrea,

Would this work?

Hi, and thanks for your proposal I tried it but it doesn’t work the blocks are inserted in another position.

With this sequence I was able to insert the block on the FL, but I don’t know how to rotate the same block on the XZ plane

I have to align the prefab on the sloped foot line

OK I see better now what you are trying to accomplish. Orienting the barriers properly to the corridor feature line should be handled easily by making sure the “Vertical” input is set to false on the CoordinateSystemByStation node (just like you have it). This should take care of vertical profile and superelevation. I think the issue comes from rotating those coordinate systems by 90 degrees around the canonical Z axis. The rotation axis should come from a CoordinateSystem.ZAxis node, not the canonical Z axis.

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Hi, I solved it like this, but I think I’ll come back with your solution, thanks