Binding Multiple Links

I can not find a way to bind a list of links at once into my project using Dynamo. I have seen reference to this not being including in the API, but I don’t know if this has changed. I’m in Revit 2020 but can upgrade to 2021 if need be.

I am working in a multi-family project with multiple links (each unit type being a link). Binding each link manually takes time as there is some baby-sitting to hit ‘OK’ for some extraneous warnings about duplicate families, etc.

While I would prefer to share the model with the individual links, I have been asked to bind the links into the model before sharing.

At first glance I don’t see anything in 2022, so likely not doable still.

What is the reasoning for the request? It sounds short sighted.

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They claim it’s too slow with all the links loaded. I will try and push back. I agree that placing links on a closeable workset is the best path forward. I didn’t know if I had an easy solution in Dynamo.

If it is slow with all links loaded, it will be slower with no links and all elements loaded on open.

Effectively the request is to make a bad situation exponentially worse.