Bind revit or copy links into project

Hey guys,

i have a project with a lot of different linked groups, becouse we need the individual groups to occur in multiple projects, so far so good as long as we stay in revit.

But eventually the wotkflow requires us to use export as ifc, now my idea is to select all elements in all links and copy them into the main revit file before exporting.
However, i cant seem to find a way to do this without messing up the locations of the objects, and cant seem to do it for all elements of all links in one go, (there are a lot of groups in the project =().

Not trying to get anyone to do my job, but it would help greatly if someone could get me oon the right track =)

Thanks, Johannes

It is, by the way, a project we keep updating and exporting to ifc, otherwise i wouldnt mind some hard work of binding all objects by hand. =)

Get the transform properties of the group and apply them to the objects after you copy them over. That should fix your location issue.

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I find all coordinates issues make my head hurt…

Here’s a graph I made which deals with some of the issues you’ll have, perhaps it’s of interest…



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Thanks Guys!

Seems Jacob had the right idea, went searching for transform properties and got on the right track!
Got a really handy pair of node from springnodes that does almost the same my script did, while taking the transform of the links in account.=)

This is the end result:

@Mark.Ackerley Awesome! i can already think of many uses for this one!



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