bimorphNodes for Revit 2020

Hi Everyone,
My office just upgraded to Revit 2020 and I updated many packages to keep my scripts compatible with the new version. I had to manually edit some python scripts, as Revit had changed the parameter “ViewName” to simply “Name”. Unless I’m mistaken, I’m facing the same error with Sheet.Duplicate from Bimorph Nodes.
Unlike other packages, I’m unable to edit the custom node.

I’m using bimorphNodes 3.0.3 and Revit

Thank you for your help!

Python and custom nodes are only editable, some nodes that are developed with zero touch i.e, c# will not be editable
You can find some source code online if the author has decided to expose.

Thanks @saju_autodesk.
That said, would you know a solution to this?
Would it better contacting the developer instead of posting here?


This is an interesting one. That method isn’t used anywhere in the codebase as its been depreciated. All I can suggest is you manually remove Bimorph Nodes from every location your Dynamo settings references and try reinstalling - it could be a much older version of BimorphNodes.dll being loaded as Revit will load the first one it finds, so my theory is you have a old version knocking about somewhere and that’s the one you are actually using.

One quick way to check: Do you have all the CAD.TextData nodes? if not then you’re not using v3.

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Thanks @Thomas_Mahon
I manually got rid of the folder from all locations and reinstalled it.
Did the trick!