Issue with Bimorphnodes CADtextData.FromLayers

I am unable to get the CADtextData.FromLayers node in the Bimorphnodes package to work
i am in Revit 2022 and Bimorphs version 3.0.3
i am getting this error:

Please upgrade to v4 to resolve this issue - version 3.0.3 is not compatible with Revit 2021 or 2022. Full details about version 4 are here; give it a read if you have lots of graphs with dependencies on BimorphNodes as there are breaking changes.

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I upgraded Bimorphnodes from ver3.0.3 to ver4.0.12 in revit2021

but after upgrade ~ I can’t find CadTextData.FromLayer – in version 4.0.12

below image is ver 3.0.3 before upgrade

How can I use CadTextData node in version 4.0.12

Thank you

Hi @dspshin073a thanks for reporting this, there was an issue with the dll which prevented the node from loading - v4.0.13 is available on the package manager which fixes this issue.

thank you ^^ :smiley: