Issue with Bimorphnodes CADtextData.FromLayers

I am unable to get the CADtextData.FromLayers node in the Bimorphnodes package to work
i am in Revit 2022 and Bimorphs version 3.0.3
i am getting this error:

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Please upgrade to v4 to resolve this issue - version 3.0.3 is not compatible with Revit 2021 or 2022. Full details about version 4 are here; give it a read if you have lots of graphs with dependencies on BimorphNodes as there are breaking changes.

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I upgraded Bimorphnodes from ver3.0.3 to ver4.0.12 in revit2021

but after upgrade ~ I can’t find CadTextData.FromLayer – in version 4.0.12

below image is ver 3.0.3 before upgrade

How can I use CadTextData node in version 4.0.12

Thank you

Hi @dspshin073a thanks for reporting this, there was an issue with the dll which prevented the node from loading - v4.0.13 is available on the package manager which fixes this issue.

thank you ^^ :smiley:

Hi Thomas_Mahon

Now I’m using latest version of your node - Version Number - 4.1.2

But There is an Error message


that error has not appeared in your older version node…
Is there a plan that you upgrade your node, or do I have to modify layer name of my dwg files… :grinning:
Thank you

Hi @dspshin073a this is as-designed and is not a bug. Rather, A-Z a-z 0-9 $ _ - and space are the only supported characters in layer names. Any other character is not.

Basically, the node has to export your CAD file to DXF to parse the text (as there is no way to do this via the Revit API) and its the DXF format which has this character limitation.

This has always been the case, but it wasn’t until I received a number of bug reports did I discover that characters which are not supported are converted to underscores and this stopped the node from parsing the text consistently as it uses character matching to filter layer names internally. It was fixed in v4.1 which is why in older versions of BimorphNodes you never saw this exception message.

Hence, the latest version of BimorphNodes now informs the user about this limitation - as per your screenshots - and there is nothing I can do about it since its a limitation in the DXF format not BimorphNodes…in conclusion; you will need to modify your CAD file layer names.

Thank you for your detail explanation… :grin:
I understood…
Thank you

Hello @Thomas_Mahon, I am running Revit 2022, with Bimorphs 4.2.0 and am getting the same errors as shown above. This is on a script that I have been using for many versions but 2022 seems to be the main change that made this stop working. Any help would be greatly appreaciated!


Hi @janderson Can you open your package manager in Dynamo and verify you are definitely running v4.2.0 as the units conversion exception you are seeing is handled by all version of V4. I test in R2022 and Dynamo 2.12 and don’t see any exceptions. If you still get the issue please share a simplified version of your Revit file and CAD file to reproduce the exception.