Bimorph Node Package not working


Revit Version 2020.

I am facing issue with ‘BIMORPH’ node package.
Even I have re-installed this package but node are not working properly.
Earlier same graph I used many times without any issue.

Please advice or let me know any other substitute package.

Thank you.


Can you provide some additional information?

  • What version of Dynamo are you using?
  • What version of Bimorph are you attempting to use?
  • Do you have this issue with older versions of Bimorph?
  • What isn’t working? Specific nodes? Everything? Does Dynamo give you warning messages?

Hello, @Robert_Younger,

Dynamo Version - 2.3.0
Bimorph Node Package - 3.0.3

I have tried with older version of Bimorph node package as well but no luck.

Please find attached images herewith for reference.

Dynamo Version

Bimorph Node package Version

Node Error

Thank you.

My guess is that your model is bad, not the node. Does it work on another simple model?