Bimorph Element.IntersectElement node duplicates intersection

Hi all,

I am working using Element.IntersectElement node from Bimorph to work with all the clashes in my model. However, the node detects each intersection twice, how could I make each intersection unique?
In this example, I have one wall that intersect 3 pipes, so it detects first the intersection of the wall with each pipe and then each pipe with the wall. I tried to locate each intersection geometry and make them unique but Element.Solids does not seem to work fine for pipes.

Attached screenshots.

Its because you’re clashing the same set of elements against the same set of elements - create two lists; one comprising of walls and another list of pipes and pass one list into ElementSetA and the other in ElementSetB and you wont get repeat clash results (you need A vs B only not, A vs B and B vs A).

Many thanks Thomas!

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