Best practice for export Revit model to txt, csv file


I’m working as a structural engineer and are dependent on a program called Impetus, which is a FEM design program. It is really time consuming to create complex geoemtry in Impetus so the idea was to design it in Revit for then to create a script in dynamo that extracts the geometry from Revit, and favourably stores the data in a txt or csv file. Later this data will be imported to Impetus without having to do the tedious work of drawing all the geometry in Impetus.

Is there any way this could be done? I will do this step-by-step, starting by exporting just one element from Revit.

Hope to get some response:)

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Extracting coordinates as per your other thread would work. You could also serialize the data into JSON or other format. In the end you’ll need to know what your other software can work with as an input - without a clear understanding of that you run the risk of doing a bunch of work on the Dynamo side which is of no value as the receiving software can’t work with that format.

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