Beams @ Varying Slopes

I had to model the existing roof structure of a building where the structural Glulams were angled to slope the roof. The main members varied in three different slopes. The problem was modeling the secondary members that spanned between the major Glulams @ varying slopes. See image below:










I wrote the following script in Dynamo to divide the lengths of the beams to get the start and endpoints of the cross members, however the script is pretty messy and I’m wondering if anyone has some suggestions on how to clean it up. The script works as intended, I just want to make it more efficient now. I’m hoping to eliminate the need for all the duplicate nodes for get item at index.

Take a look at this presentation from Marcello - by far one of the simplest methods for doing what you are asking about.

Hi Thomas,

It would be a lot easier to help you, if you had shared more than just two blurry images… Nevertheless here’s a quick suggestion: