Beam System Boundary Editing

Hi everyone, i wonder that we can edit the profile’boundary of the beam system or not. I read in the API docs but the no method for beamsystem, can you guys have any ideas ?

Try this: Profile Property

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Thanks for your help. I now can read the profile of the Beam System but when i try to append curve to the profile, it doesn’t run, can you take a look at my script

At a minimum you will need to set the Profile property.

Something like:

prof = bs.Profile
prof = curvearrary
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i dont get it, why dont it be:

i tried your suggest but it not work, then i try
bs.Profile=curvearray but it not work neither

Looks like the cures aren’t converting? Can you post a simple rvt (just the handful of elements to make this run - delete the other model elements in it) and the DYN as you have it?

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Here’re the files, (revit 2022)
My purpose is create the opening in beam system through a generic model
Opening Beam System.dyn (17.5 KB)
Bokstype_C.rvt (3.5 MB)

Can you do this manually in the Revit interface?

I can’t help but notice that data type for the profile property is a CurveArray, while items which allow multiple curve loops (ie: sketch elements used to define floors, hatches, etc.) will have a CurveArrayArray for the data type.

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Yeah, thanks anyway, i will try with CurveArrayArray and hope it work !