Create beam system by closed curve (floor boundary)

Does anyone know how to create beam system ? i didn’t find any node or any other method.
i think i can do rest of part but didn’t find method which can create beam system like we can create floor.
also i am not good in python. :wink:


This will be the method, I’ll have a play with it later on next week and if it works I’ll chuck it in Crumple…

It looks similar to making a floor, but instead of a curveloop it uses a List (made via the system method versus appending).

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Hardest part will likely be mapping the selected line to an int for the framing loop. This might be a bit more useful as it has the XYZ for direction instead: Create Method (Document, IList(Curve), SketchPlane, XYZ, Boolean)

Curious to know how one will set the beam type, spacing, and the rest. May require two transactions.