Beam length

Hello, I want to obtain the real length of the beams (discounting the columns with which they intercept), I have not been able to achieve it for the inclined beams, any recommendation. Thank you.

MET-CA_Vigas_Perimetro.dyn (74.4 KB)


Could you also upload the rvt file?

It does not allow me to upload the file, it weighs a lot

What I want to obtain is the real length of the beam. (Discounting the columns with which it intercepts)


If you have the b and h as properties of the beam (which I expect you do).

Take the sum of the volumes and divide by the area.

Nodes that will help you are

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i think would you like.

Yes, that has indeed been the solution I have always had, but I tried to change the method when I had to develop a beam that was not rectangular and was also inclined. for now I have created a beam section area parameter and I do the division of the volume over the area.

That length is not the same when crossed with a column

split the beam at the collumns
make 3 different beams

Get the location line of the beam and split it with the geometry of the beam, then rally the total length. I believe this will account for the slope but can’t test.

How can I divide the line with the geometry?