Find slope parameter values of beams

Hi, are there any ways to get or derive the slope parameter values of beam elements? I used the dynamo scripts shown below to extract the slope parameter values but when the elements are beams it returns null values. Thank you!

Dynamo file:
slope.dyn (6.1 KB)
Model file:

For the floor, there is a parameter call slope. that why you got the slope.

for structural framing there is no such parameter.

Thanks @_Vijay
Yes so I am wondering are there any ways to derive the slope values for the beams?

you could extract it using trig… Extract Data for Angle of Slanted Column this will give you a starting approach
SlopeAngle.dyn (22.8 KB)

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You can easily get slope of framings using trigonometric function.


@Hyunu_Kim …nice way :wink:

Pleasure. and use “Length” instead “Cut Length”. can be slightly different.(picture replaced)


Thanks @Kai @Hyunu_Kim !

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