BattleBIM Package - 101 Custom nodes

Dear All,

There is a new Custom Package that has been published today by @Md_Lingkon which has got very useful 101 nodes for you all. Here are all the examples below. Hope you all like it :slight_smile:



I’m gonna have fun with the “open file” node in a few future scripts… Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

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Seems i just missed some usefull nodes

Get All Views == lacing crossing -- list filter bool mask and IF.EmptyList If with empty list

Great stuff.


Seems that excisting packages don’t work anymore when loaded BattleBim


@EzDoesIt I am not sure why you are getting error!
I have tested with wall this particular node “GetParameterValueByName(TypeOrInstance)” and here is the screenshot for your reference

Hi…thanks for sharing great work.

Would the issue was because of the same name of dyf? From your 101 package vs rhythm? Just saw that both custom node has same name would that not cause an issue if both used on the same graph or just even running the graph coz it doesnt know which to used a bit like file (dyf) conflict?

I am not an expert but would that be correct?


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It turns out that when you load an excisting graph, in this graph you load the BattleBim package then you hit run the error appears.
If you close and open the graph again (still BattleBim loaded) everything runs as it should be.

Sorry for then inconvenience


Few handy looking nodes in there, can’t wait to try them out!

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@4bimfercesp “GetParameterValueByName(TypeOrInstance)” is from “Rhythm” package and I didn’t include such node.

Thanks for your compliment :slight_smile:

@EzDoesIt Cloud you please send me your graph if possible? so that I can explore further

Thanks :slight_smile:

It looks like its happens only and just the first time, so open excisting graph load the package gets an error close and re-open the graph no error, it doesn’t matter what graph you open the error stays away.

here is the dyn
If - Empty list.dyn (11.5 KB)


@EzDoesIt I’m really sorry for I didn’t get what you meant :sob:
It seems like everything fine!

Just for your info, I’m using 1.3.0

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well done :+1:

Great work! Love the way you compose your nodes…BattleBIM has quickly ascended to my top 5 packages…TY