Batch Upgrading files with multiple revit files

So Ive been trying to upgrade our files from the older version of revit to newer version. I found this graph where it works with files without links. but my problem is that my files contains multiple links. Is it possible to use dynamo in my situation?

Edited this post. Here is what I used. This graph worked for files without multiple links.UPGRADING.dyn (15.9 KB)

You can find useful package nodes as geniusloci, orchid, bimorph, Archlab,etc

maybe you can post your findings here and we can go about from there. But to give a direction to look in, you can use transmit (MEPover package) to unload all links first before proceeding on with your script to batch open and close revit models. With that being said, if the model is a central file, you will need to manually open each file and click “save this model as new central” to start working on the file again


Hi, I edited my post and included the dynamo file i used. On your reply you mentioned that i need to open each file, is there anyway to automate this? As I am trying to upgrade more that 50 files with 19 links in them. I am new to dynamo please help me. Thank you for your time

maybe this link can help you with that

Thank you so much for your help @stillgotme. Problem solved